In the pursuit of life’s passions, I am a vagabond. I wander, one fancy to the next. A jack of many trades, a master of none.

The purpose of this site is to share my thoughts with anybody who stumbles upon them and chooses to stay awhile, and read. I like to think of stuff, and now I’m going to write some of it down

I’ve recently immersed myself in the creation of fantastical worlds, and am writing a few novels. Part of this site will be dedicated to musings on the writing process, and self publishing. I may also write about life experiences and take broad tangential journeys into other hobbies and memories.

In addition to writing, blacksmithing, woodworking, and digital art fill my time at this stage of life. Prior eras included rock climbing, camping, golf. Traveling the world. Making games and composing for indie film festival entries. Performing as a concert pianist.

The goal, at the end of it all, is to look back on my life and see many lives lived. There is a satisfaction to find there, I think.

I have a degree in piano performance and a minor in world cultural history. I studied anthropology and ethnomusicology. I consistently attempt to learn entirely too many languages at the same time. I’m a certified telephony systems administrator and work with CRM software in the financial industry. This all may be irrelevant to the site. Alternatively, it might not be.

For those who made it this far and wonder about my logo, it is the Younger Futhark runes of my name, stacked atop one another.